3rd May 2023 • 11:00am - 12.00pm BST

The maritime industry is in a state of transition with an increased focus on cyber security. New regulations in the near future will drive this transition further but how do you address cyber security at scale with maritimes unique environments whilst remaining compliant?


In this webinar learn from industry experts from Wärtsilä and Tenable around regulations impacting the maritime industry and what controls can be implemented to help meet these new standards.

Overview of Cyber Challenges and Regulations Impacting Maritime Industry (Matti Suominen - Wärtsilä)
- Discussion of the challenges driving the increased focus on cyber security in the maritime industry
- Overview of new regulations and their impact on onshore and offshore operations
- Explanation of how these regulations will further drive the transition towards increased focus on cyber security

Practical Controls with Tenable OT Security
- Overview of the controls that can be implemented with Tenable OT Security to meet the new regulations
- Discussion of the practicality of implementing Tenable OT Security in the unique maritime environment
- Explanation of howTenable OT Security can help organizations remain compliant while addressing cyber security at scale

Q&A Session

Who should attend?
IT, OT and cybersecurity professionals looking for effective solutions to strengthen the security and resilience of industrial organisations.

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Dominic Storey
Principal OT Architect

Chris Baker
OT Territory Account Manager

Matti Suominen