Wednesday, September 15, 2021 • 1:00 PM EDT/ 10:00 AM PDT

Learn how you can secure Active Directory and reduce your organization's security risks.

Prioritizing security efforts can help an organization understand where to put initial efforts and focus. With Active Directory being such a large target for attackers, it only makes sense to prioritize AD security first. Let 17X Microsoft MVP Derek Melber guide you through the reasons and steps to secure the most critical aspects of AD, which attackers love to exploit. With this prioritized list, you will be able to reduce your attack surface against AD dramatically, as well as start your security hardening efforts. When you complete this session you will have immediate actions that you can take on your production network to secure AD. In this session you will learn:

  • Why Active Directory is a target for attackers
  • How to verify if your environment is vulnerable to common AD attacks
  • Which settings and configurations need immediate attention
  • What you can do to secure the essential configurations: today and over time

Derek Melber
Chief Technology & Security Strategist
Derek is the Chief Technology & Security Strategist at Tenable. Derek is also a 17 time Microsoft MVP, in both Active Directory and Group Policy. As a prolific speaker and educator, Derek goes to over 20 countries every year, helping organizations and administrators better understand Active Directory, Group Policy, security, and their overall network infrastructure. Derek is able to communicate complex and detailed information in an easy to understand manner, giving guidance on how to be more efficient and improve security in every organization.